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Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Holiday Catch Up Abandoned

After the Christmas and New Year Bank Holidays, the waste and recycling contractor were trying to catch up back to their normal schedule. But given the added problem of the weather that appears to be out of the question now. So rather than confuse matters further they will return directly to non-holiday collection days. That was meant to start, yesterday, Monday 11th, but Health and Safety ruled that out, so maybe Tuesday.

For the full low down see press releases.

The image above will soon be a thing of the past. Where lots of houses have the same drop off point, the mountains of black bags will give way to ...

wheelie bin parks.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Do you think the authorities in Germany, Poland and the like have stinking piles of rubbish waiting and waiting because of Health & Safety rulings!... Life goes on..even with a bit of snow!!!!!

11 January 2010 21:07  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have a commercial waste collection by Veolia, they came last Thursday in the thick of it!!

12 January 2010 17:07  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

To be fair a few stops for a few bags and wheelie bins here and there isnt the same as driving and walking around housing estates is it? I should think in those parts of germany and poland they are better prepared for this kind of weather but i think the likes of you would be screeming if the council had dozens of trucks sat in a shed that hadnt moved for 15 years and had to be scrapped because oh well we might of had some bad weather but we didnt!

13 January 2010 15:00  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I see your point but some people have not had any collections since before Xmas!!!!
Health and Safety becomes Environmental Safety when they start rotting!
There are other ways of being prepared, not just by having dozens of trucks in storage! What happened to the salt bins that most towns have just in case!?!

13 January 2010 21:02  
Anonymous John said...

I believed the website so brought my bins back in(twice!). Then they came around!(this SUNDAY morning at 6.50am. for the green bin also -is nothing sacred?)

17 January 2010 18:39  

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