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Saturday, 16 January 2010

Shopping Centre Consultation

Option 1 shows...
  • Improving the appearance of the shopping centre, and the gradual replacement and enlargement of the existing shops.
  • The redevelopment of the Cargo and Somerfield stores with more modern shopping units on the ground floor with a new library and health centre above.
  • A major new store with car parking above. That's the big orange block at the top of Option 1.

The consultation made the BBC Oxford News. They want people's opinions. Its on again today and Monday in one of the empty shops.


Blogger Annabel Gaskell said...

Went in today and registered my thoughts!

1. 1-2hrs free parking would help immediately.

2. They were adamant about the major store being another supermarket - We don't need another one unless it's M&S, or Waitrose moves over. If we can't have that, let's have a Debenhams or Habitat or something classy!

18 January 2010 18:34  
Anonymous Hester said...

I think the question of the "big shop" is a tricky one - rather depends on whether the idea is a) to encourage Abingdon residents to shop in town rather than going to Didcot or Sainsburys at Heyford Hill (or even Tesco), or b)to attract people from further afield to come shopping in Abingdon. For the former we probably need a mainstream supermarket for those who can't afford Waitrose/M&S prices; for the latter I don't think any single shop would do it -it would be the overall mix of shops in the centre - AND the other streets.
But it is clear that that phase of the development is so far off that there is plenty of time for that debate!
The thought I have fed in is that whatever is in the Woolies/Cargo unit should be required to have an "active frontage" on to Bath Street - otherwise that is going to become even more cut off and neglected than it is now - whereas potentially it is one of the town's "character" areas.

19 January 2010 11:02  

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