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Saturday, 30 January 2010

Clean Pavement

The pavement of the Abbey Shopping Centre (formerly known as the Bury Street Precinct) is looking very clean these days. I noticed it last Saturday, and again today.


Blogger danny said...

ohh thats it, i was walkin down there too and thought they must have renewed the slabs or something, it was much brighter. what a change it made.

31 January 2010 13:02  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I noticed it yesterday - thought it was probably due to all that snow. But, I guess they could have been out there cleaning it!!

31 January 2010 14:01  
Blogger Peter said...

Abingdon really gets spruced up for Spring!

31 January 2010 15:23  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes a lovely job. It was some guys with a very powerful steam cleaner. I think without chewing gum most places would look clean. If you look around every now and then and take a fresh look its suprising just how much gum there is on the pavements. Our new market square doesnt look so new anymore thanks it. Maybe the town council will get the firm back?

1 February 2010 14:07  
Blogger David said...

It's amazing the difference a bit of a clean up can make. I saw the work underway, and the difference between the bit that had been cleaned and the bit they had not got to yet was quite something.

2 February 2010 18:44  

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