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Monday, 18 January 2010

Art and Artists of Abingdon

There is a new exhibition showing paintings of Abingdon, and art by Abingdon Artists - ancient and modern. It was featured in the Oxford Times and there was a good crowd on the first day - Saturday - as a result.

This photo portrait of our own town Rector, the Vicar of St Helen's Church, Dr Charles Miller, was first shown in an exhibition of portraits of people living on or near the Thames. I am not sure where those large hands above him have come from. They were not in the original; but one thing about the museum at present is that there are many reflections on a bright day like today.

Many of the older pictures need to be covered with liftable dark screens to protect them from the light. The ones shown here are not so old.


Blogger Pat said...

I'm not sure if you are being disingenuous. It looks like your fleece jacket to me!

18 January 2010 16:46  

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