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Friday, 29 January 2010

Another New Road

Another fairly new Road in Abingdon is Thornley Close on the Willow Brook estate. It goes through what was the last undeveloped part of the MG Factory Site. John Thornley OBE was an important figure at the MG Car Plant. His son has written a short biography and there are pictures of him on the MG Works Club Site. I assume the road is named after him (please correct me if I'm wrong).

A path now runs between the older (by a few years) Anna Pavlova Estate, and the newer Willow Brook Estate. But both sides have a similar look.

There is also a stream to be seen running through the Anna Pavlova side. It goes underground beneath Willow Brook and the police station, and ends up in the River Ock.


Blogger Pat said...

The stream seems to start at the Wootton Road and runs through the Wildmoor estate where I have noticed it before. It is presumably culverted even there. At the River Ock end it seems to emerge from under the drive in to the Ock Mill restaurant. It might be more obvious from the other side of the River Ock, assuming you can get that near to the bank at that point. Why don't you have a look and let us know?

31 January 2010 07:54  
Anonymous This Charming Man said...

Yes, come on Backstreeter, get your shorts on and dive in and see where it takes you! Some underground photos of the sewer system would also be very much appreciated ;)

1 February 2010 13:04  
Blogger Random Ro' said...

I am so pleased the fence has been removed between Willow Brook 2000 and Willow Brook 2009. I cannot believe how long it has taken for someone to see sense.

3 February 2010 13:47  

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