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Wednesday, 20 January 2010

54 Ock Street

Last year, Leach's The Printers moved from 54 Ock Street to the Nuffield Centrum on the edge of town, leaving their old premises which includes a listed building at the front, and a narrow strip of land with Coopers Lane one side, The Post Office Sorting Office the other. and the River Ock at the bottom..

Within these challenging constraints, a plan was created to build three two bed dwellings, convert the building at the bottom into flats, and convert the listed building at the top into a shop of some sort (I believe) and flats. These pictures were taken late December, and the roof is almost on now. This was 54 Ock Street, so I wonder what the new development will be called.

Details of the history of 54, and the rest of Ock Street, are on the Ock Street Heritage Group Site - just follow 'Commercial' to find 54.


Blogger David said...

Might I suggest the new properties be called "54a 54b 54c 54d 54e 54f 54g 54h 54i 54j 54k 54l 54m 54n 54o 54p 54q 54r 64s (i just put that one in to confuse the postman) 54t 54u 54v 54w 54x 54y and 54z"

21 January 2010 14:00  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

He he the numbering comment made me laugh... I walk past that house practically every day and knew something was going on but hadn't realised all the behind the scenes info. Thanks for this - very interesting - you learn something new every day on this blog! :-)

21 January 2010 15:45  
Anonymous alan lovedog said...

not sure who'd want a shop all on it's own there - maybe the ock street brothel can expand to a second location instead.

21 January 2010 19:44  

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