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Saturday, 7 November 2009


There is a new exhibition on at Abingdon School.The opening was this evening. It tells the story of the part played by former pupils of Abingdon School during WW II - they appear to have taken part in most of the important conflicts. It also tells how the school was affected by the war.

There was also a very interesting lecture on the development of war graves and monuments since WW I. The chap who started it all was very disappointed to see the state of the Boer War cemeteries, and dedicated his life to making sure those who died in WW I were given a fitting memorial, even though a high percentage remain unknown. He persuaded the best architects to design monuments, and ensured no distinction was made to rank within war cemeteries.

Mark from Mostly Book was there selling the book written to tell the story of the War Grave Commission.

Friday, 6 November 2009

Know Your Cherries?

Pictured near the River Ock. I thought it best to leave them for any birds that may need them over the winter. I wasn't sure they were really cherries.

Thursday, 5 November 2009

2009 Fireworks

There will be Fireworks from the 2nd Abingdon Scout Group on Saturday November 7th near Long Furlong Community Centre with parking at Tilsley Park.

Advance tickets (family: £10 or single:£3.50 ) from the Newbury Building Society or Abingdon Information Point.

On the night tickets (family: £15 or single:£5).

There was also a display at St Nic's School, last night (4th).

Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Changes at Barton Fields - Revisited

Having done yesterdays post on the basis of a dog walk I got some more expert information from the people who live and breathe Barton Fields and so am rewriting it in their words, but will leave the old one in place - so 2 days with the same pictures and different words ...

The Longmead Lake area and its surrounding reedbeds and ponds has been sold to a private individual who it is understood will be using the lake for angling. The lake and surrounding area were restored under the regulation of the County Ecologist and includes a number of ponds and reedbeds. This area is a haven for wildlife including Water Voles, which have declined drastically in the UK in recent years.

The tree under threat of felling is one of only 2000 to 3000 Native Black Poplars left in the UK and are UK Biodiversity Action Plan species. Members of Abingdon Naturalists Society will do their utmost to preserve this tree, which has a preservation order on it. Old and rotting trees are havens for all sorts of wildlife including rare and endangered invertebrates.

The closely mown wildflower meadow in Barton Fields has recently been sown with a wildflower seed mixture and nearly 500 plants of species appropriate to a floodplain meadow. This is part of a Breathing Places project (Lottery funded).

With the Copenhagen Conference on Climate Change in five weeks time there is the chance to influence it and maybe save some trees by sending a Rainforest SOS message.

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Changes at Barton Fields

Longmead Lake has now been sold - I believe to a private concern. It is very close to, and overlooked by, the Sophos Offices on Abingdon Science Park. ( I don't know whether Sophos or somebody else bought it.)

This tree will soon need to be felled. It is near the top of the permissive footpath that crosses direct from Barton Lane to the River Thames.

And there are notices saying that the Abingdon Naturalist Society Green Team and other volunteers are creating a 2 acre wild flower meadow using native species.

Monday, 2 November 2009

We need the rain

Somebody I was talking to this morning says that we have not had enough rainfall this year and we need the rain.

There has been some over last 24 hours. This puddle is near the bottom of Conduit Road.

The plane trees have been shedding but with rain to weigh down the leaves they are not drifting.

Sunday, 1 November 2009

Volunteering Information Fair

The Volunteering Information Fair was on at the The Roysse Room in the Guildhall...

Ryder-Cheshire Volunteers are looking for people able to give a little bit of time to share their enthusiasm or interest - photography, cooking, astonomy, art or whatever - with somebody else. They build up a list of able and disabled people and match them up

Vinvolved are there to promote volunteering for 16-25 year olds. I know my son is doing a bit of volunteer work because sometimes it is the way to get experience before you can get into a job.

Among others there were Guide Dogs for the Blind.

I tried out some special glasses - intended to help the rest of us understand better what it is like to have various optical conditions. This one is to simulate macular degenaration .