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Saturday, 20 June 2009

Abingdon's Got Talent Auditions 2009

Adam Ball from Heart FM was the Compere this year. That's him on the left encouraging contestants to go just that one step further to impress the judges.

However, the first real Su Bo Mo was...

this lad singing 'You Raise me up' in the under 11 category.

More eclectic was a performance on an early electronic musical instrument called a Theremin. It's eery waverings had the effect of scaring all the pigeons from the Market Place surrounds.

There were more established acts like Big John who has been on X-Factor in front of an even more distinguished panel of judges - if that is possible.

People came from far and wide to see the show. Carl, pictured here, comes from Florida (corrected after comment), but he didn't just come to see Abingdon's Got Talent. He loves Abingdon and has come to stay for the summer months and hopefully see a few MGs.

These two young lad are from the European school, near Abingdon, and they did Hip-Hop and break dancing

or something like that...

It prooved to be another entertaining AGT. The crowds just grew and grew.

Through to the final are...

18 & over Adam Matthews, Anthony Smith, Alan Haines & Angela Painting

12-17Leah Himpson, Flash Jumpers & Nicholas Schneider

11 & underJoanna Petrova, Lev Pavlov, Miles Burton, Neda May Monadjem & Shaya Moodey

Friday, 19 June 2009

Planning for the next 50+ years

The County Hall, an iconic building in Abingdon, once served as a Court Sessions Hall

covered market

and down below a cellar for storage. It currently houses The Abingdon Museum.

The building has required major maintenance and updates at roughly 50 year intervals. The last was 60 years ago. The next major maintenance and updates could be about to happen after a successful £2M bid to the Lottery Fund. Described as 'Erection of external lift tower and associated accessibility works, internal alterations and general refurbishment of building' the plans goes before the District Council Planning Committee early in July. To see the Planning Application go to Planning Public Access and Search application 09/00922/LBC .

Thursday, 18 June 2009

From our Allotment Correspondent II

Hello, Abingdon, Here's our progress at the West End Allotments since my earlier pix.

There's now peas being picked, and the long view shows the potatoes and the bean sticks ready for the runner beans; also the courgettes..

They say there's a waiting list for allotments, but there's plenty of unused land here!!


Wednesday, 17 June 2009

New Broom

In one empty shop there is a display showing the winning entries of a School Anti-Litter poster competition

The winning entry says... Rubbish + Bin = Clean Town

Bloom displays are out.

Empty shops look tidier, but a little emptier without the covering screens. Why hide the truth!

There are signs of a new broom in the area...

Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Independent Booksellers Week

It's Independent Booksellers Week from 15th - 22nd June...

In the window of The Bookstore are some flutterbooks for Independent Booksellers Week. They also have their own event: An Evening with Kate Adie next weekend at the Cornerstone Theatre in nearby Didcot.

I could not get my normal view of our other Independent Bookseller, Mostly Books, because there is a new planter in the way.

Featured in the Mostly Books window are the Amazing Books For Boys Event , the Children's Food Festival, and a Very Hungry Caterpillar...

Monday, 15 June 2009

Kingfisher Photos

The Kingfisher Canoe club were gathered at the weir on Saturday evening -

trying to hit a rag, dangling at the end of a string.

The Kingfisher Club do seem to like their games

particularly when there is also a hint of danger.

Sunday, 14 June 2009

Bike Week

Bike Week began yesterday.

There was a stall and displays under the Abbey Archway.

There was also a chance to get bikes marked.

There will be a number of bike rides over the next week. This is Andy Watt at the start of cycling six times round the modern boundaries of Abingdon, and a bit more beside. He started at 7 am, and I guess it will be about 60 miles.

Others Bike events are here thanks to the Carbon Cutters of Abingdon.