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The Abingdon Blog is a photo record of events and places in Abingdon, Oxfordshire, started on January 1st 2006.

Saturday, 6 June 2009

D-Day Anniversary Abingdon to Argentan Bike Ride

Friday June 5th to Sunday June 7th.

Thanks to Sue H for these pictures of the start of the 300 mile bike ride, before the rain set in. The cyclists were sent off by the Mayor and a D Day veteran, Maurice Armstrong, yesterday.

The 18 cyclists, with support vehicle, are doing it to raise money for the Pathway Workshop - a charity which provides employment and training for disabled people.

The cyclists are going to Abingdon's twin town, Argentan, but en-route will be doing their own D-Day Landing. (The Normandy Landings were on June 6, 1944.)

And for those who could not join them, there are more cycling events planned during Bike Week - June 13th-21st. See the Abingdon Diary for the details.

Friday, 5 June 2009

County Council Election Result

A Big swing...

from a good election result for the Lib-Dems in 2007 2009, when the electors of Abingdon have chosen four Conservative County Councillors. The winning candidates are shown above.

Not just Abingdon, but most of Oxfordshire has turned blue.

From time to time I looked in on the County Council Website and was shocked when I saw This Abingdon result come in at about 11:30. The County Council site then crashed. Peter Jones was to win some hours later but not by quite such a huge margin.

Meanwhile, after many days of glorious sunshine, the rain set in.

Thursday, 4 June 2009

County and Euro Elections

The people who will plan our roads, schools, social care, incinerators, libraries etc. for the next four years are standing at the County Council elections today.

In north Abingdon, Alan Bryden from the Lib-Dem party is retiring. So his place will be taken either

by Angela Lawrence from the Lib-Dem party

or Sandy Lovatt from the Conservative party, or Anne-Marie Heslop from the Greens or Denise Watt from Labour for whom I have no picture.

In central Abingdon, Lesley Legge from the Lib-Dem party is retiring. So her place will be taken either

by Tony De Vere from the Lib-Dem party

or Peter Jones from the Conservative party, or Richard Bullock from the Greens or Barbara Wynn from Labour for whom I have no picture.

In South Abingdon and Drayton, Mike Badcock from the Conservative party

and Marilyn Badcock, also from the Conservative party, are standing for re-election.

Also going for this position are Neil Fawcett from the Lib-Dem party

and Richard Webber from the Lib-Dem party,

or the Green Candidates, Rachel Bottley and Hazel Hornblow, or the Labour Candidates
Antonia Bance or David Banner for whom I have no picture.

Not only are there the County Council Election candidates above, but also the European elections - the candidates for that are too many to mention. Each party has a list of ten candidates in the South East region.

Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Early June Blooms

It's time for the annual bedding plants to be put in the public flower beds - like these in the Abbey Gardens this morning.

The early June colour comes from more established plants,

like these at the back of Old Abbey House in the same Abbey Gardens.

Tuesday, 2 June 2009

June Chicks

Good pair of paddles on this young coot. But no sign of the parents at the Margeret Brown Garden nest.

Swan family on the River Ock. Dad is risk assessing the human with the camera.
Above the weir between the upper and lower River Ock, near Meadowside, mum joins the chicks for a little sun bathing after a bathe in the water.

Some more serious wildlife can be seen on the up and coming Views of the Ock.

Monday, 1 June 2009

Not Alone Anymore

This 'Shock! Abingdon Gnome Beheaded' picture was one that I missed back in March. It got captured by the Abingdon Walks Instant Photo Blog instead.
Things are looking a little better for the Abingdon Gnome today. His head is back on, and he is not alone anymore.

Organ Voluntary

Tony Garrard has been the regular organist at Trinity Church, playing Sundays, Weddings, and Funerals since 1981. Revd Richard Bittleston, thanking Tony for his commitment, and unfailing attendance over 28 years in what is a voluntary post, calculated that Tony had spent two years of his life at the Trinity Keyboard. Tony retired last Sunday, and Richard unveiled a plaque in his honour on the organ.

Tony is also well known, in Abingdon, as a supporter of the charity Mencap.

Sunday, 31 May 2009

New Energy and Fitness Centres

On the Market Place, Heelas Heating were letting people know that their new eco friendly heating and energy showroom will be opening at 83 Vineyard on Sunday June 7th. They have a good web site, and good taste in dogs.

It was another beautiful day. This horse and carriage were heading up Stratton Way towards a wedding. It was a good day for weddings. And a good day for the Abbey Meadow and Open Air Pool. If anything they were even more packed than last weekend.

Another new business opened up down Ock Street... Club 100, a new fitness centre. They kicked off their first day with a Community Weight Loss Challenge.. Biggest Loser wins the £200 prize.

The Ock Street Traffic queue is, of course, not so new...