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The Abingdon Blog is a photo record of events and places in Abingdon, Oxfordshire, started on January 1st 2006.

Saturday, 9 May 2009

Well Done Saxton Rovers

On the touch line the manager was shouting orders and watching anxiously...

But on about the 80th minute Saxton scored the only goal of the cup final.

Deputy Mayor, Councillor Patricia Hobby presented the North Berks cup after the game. Thoroughly deserved. Saxton Rovers, from South Abingdon, have now won an unprecedented four trophies this season.

They had already won the Berks and Bucks intermediate cup, the Charity Shield, and the Division 1 title by a mile.

Euro Rock in the Park

At the Abbey Grounds today, bands from Abingdon and the twin towns were performing...

Here are a few of them flying the flag before it kicked off.

I was very impressed by the first band from Sint Niklaas. In fact all the bands were good.

People were going crazy for the European Commission stall.

The Town Council organised the event, and the commission sponsored it, and were giving away free stuff like blue T-shirts and bags with the Euro flag on the front. Here wearing the T shirts are the MC, and the main organiser.

The last band on were Le Vens. They may sound kind of French but they were one of the two Abingdon Bands. The other was the Black Hats.

This is part of the 'Le Vens' fan club.

Friday, 8 May 2009

A Young Tree Needs Protection

Back in 2006, this blog featured some young trees that were trying to make it in modern day Abingdon. So I thought I'd catch up with them again to see how they are getting along.

This tree dedicated to John Jones OBE is looking very healthy.

These two in the Albert Park seem a bit late coming into leaf, but they may be slightly worried by the cull that has just happened in the Park, particularly to the likes of the leylandii. But I think they are doing OK.

The three at the bottom of Calcecott Road did not survive. Three more have replaced them, and - because of the better protection - all but one are doing OK.

Thursday, 7 May 2009

Barton Court

When I took the picture a passer-by said "I can't see them ever getting it finished, now, at this rate!!!"

The ruin has been reinforced by modern bricks, but has no explanatory plaque. So correct me if I'm wrong, but what I can make out is...

It stands in the middle of a central Abingdon housing estate off Audlett Drive and Sherwood Avenue, and is the visible remains of Barton Court.

Charles I was entertained here a number of time, and it was here he said Goodbye to his Queen for the last time.

According to David Nash Ford Barton Court was burned to the ground as Royalists defended it against Roundheads during the English Civil War.

A second house was built in the 1800s, and pulled down in the 1970s - before the development of the present housing estate. 

Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Not a Total Ban

These new signs have recently appeared all around Abingdon.

It is not a Total Ban on drinking alcohol in public places. It makes it an offence to carry on drinking alcohol - antisocially - when asked to stop.

Tuesday, 5 May 2009


A new shop is opening soon where Dawsons used to be. Looks like it is all 9TP.

Monday, 4 May 2009

Abingdon Air & Country Show 2009

Planes were coming over Abingdon early in the morning. This giant came over fairly low, banked steeply with lights blazing, and came back even lower - seen here from the Albert Park.

The other sign the airshow was happening were the traffic queues at midday stretching back from Dalton Barracks. I decided to beat the queues and cycled.

Here is the lumbering giant after it got to the show. People were queueing to look round inside.

The Mayor, Patrick Lonergan, was there (with sore feet after his sponsored walk), and so was the Chair of the Vale of White Horse District Council, Alison Rooke.

There were good crowds watching the fly overs. A lot of money must have been raised for the Air Ambulance fund.

While there I enjoyed photographing many other things, and here are some of the better pictures - a WWII style singer...

there were veteran vehicles of all kinds...

demonstrations and exhibitions of traditional arts like this one by the Home Front Friends...

and Radio Controlled Daleks.

Sunday, 3 May 2009

Mayor's Sponsored River Walk

The Mayor, Patrick Lonergan, set off on his sponsored walk from Abingdon at 9 am, going upstream towards Oxford...

Here he is ten hours later at the Trout Inn at Tadpole Bridge. He did approximately thirty miles, as the river meanders, in ten hours.