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The Abingdon Blog is a photo record of events and places in Abingdon, Oxfordshire, started on January 1st 2006.

Saturday, 25 April 2009

Market Place Events

The 2009 Market Place Events were kicked off by the Abbey Brass performing from 11 to 1.

Also to be seen today...

The Mayor was there collecting sponsors for his next charity event, a Thameside Trek, on Saturday 2 May from 9:00 until 19:00, up river from Abingdon.

Abingdon Air and Country Show is on Sunday the 3rd of May, and they had a stall.

There was a stall for the Rotary Vespers Dragon Boat races on Sunday 10th May.

Friday, 24 April 2009

From Our West End Correspondent

Where in Abingdon is This?

Once, I am told by John, who sent the pictures, all the land was taken up, but now, in many places, "only the persistent daffodils are a reminder of its former use."

The lane leads to the West End Allotments, the other side of the A34 off the Marcham Road.

Allotments have recently become popular again. This was happening before the recession, so it is not just austerity.

Allotments are run by allotment associations on land leased from the Town Council. A few years ago the Drayton Road Allotments (also in Abingdon) were partly taken out of use, and fenced off because not enough plots were being used. Alternative uses were sought. But this year the Town Council is taking down the fences, and helping to clear the land since there is a growing waiting list there.

Finally, John Says "there's my rough and ready half plot but with grandchildren's help there are peas and potatoes already sewn!"

Bluebell Time

The view through a gap in the hedge at the back of Long Alley almshouses.

Thursday, 23 April 2009

Saint George Day Truck Pull

Today members of the Bomb Disposal Regiment, based at Vauxhall Barracks, Didcot, will be pulling a Bomb disposal truck from Abingdon to Didcot to raise money for the family of Gaz O'Donell, killed in action in Afghanistan last September. He has been awarded the George Medal twice.

Read more about him from the army website .

He is from Edinburgh.

Wednesday, 22 April 2009

No longer the end of the world

Twenty years ago, Southern Town Park was a flat empty area with a couple of wonky swings, a series of methane outlet pipes, and the sense that you had gone beyond the end of the interesting world.

It has been transformed since then. Better playground equipment was added some years ago, and trees and bushes planted - and left to grow naturally.

Now the Vale of White Horse District Council are adding more play equipment.

The official opening of the new play equipment is planned for the 25th July - the start of the school holidays.

That does not to stop it being used before then.

Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Made In Abingdon

Many hundreds of MGs from around the UK and beyond converge on Abingdon to revisit their place of manufacture, and to view the MG exhibition at the County Hall Museum. This particular group are from Milton Keynes in nearby Buckinghamshire. If you ask what most MGs want in their lives, the answer could well be "MG Go Home."

Monday, 20 April 2009

Spring Rowing 8s 4s 2s and 1s

The annual spring rowing event, staged by the Abingdon rowing club, is one thing I don't see advertised in Abingdon, but it brings in 'those in the know' from places like Marlow, Maidenhead, Henley, Reading, Wallingford, Oxford and Evesham.

Today's first time trials began soon after 9:30 when it was still cool. During the day the sky cleared and the sun beamed on the afternoon rowers.

Boats set off at intervals from near Culham...

The finish is 2KM upstream near the blue boat house on Wilsham Road.

Then follows a more leisurely row past some of Abingdon's most famous buildings

and back under Burford Bridge to Rye Farm meadow where the landing stages are positioned.

Sunday, 19 April 2009

Whats Coming Next From Pam

We were a bit spoilt for choice tonight in Abingdon (culturally). There was the Save Radley Lakes Celebration at John Mason School (with Ceilidh), a concert at Trinity( Bach to Piazzolla), Opera at the Amey Theatre (Rossini), a lecture on Painting at the Guildhall (Early Flemish ), and music at the Unicorn Theatre (Folk).

We went to see Bob Fox at the Unicorn and sat next to Pam Aird's mum. Pam manages to bring some very good acts to Abingdon. She not only got Bob Fox, from her old days on the circuit, but also got a talented young singer songwriter support act.

There is much more to come from Pam at Music at The Unicorn.