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Saturday, 4 April 2009

Abingdon Welcomes Prize Author

It was announced a short while ago... "U.S. President Barack Obama has captured the Biography of the Year prize at the Galaxy British Book Awards for his bestseller, Dreams from My Father... Book of the Year was handed to The Suspicions Of Mr. Whicher by Kate Summerscale."

The Book of the Year winner, Kate Summerscale, was in Abingdon, doing a talk, and signing books in the Roysse Room. This is thanks to Mostly Books who were promoting her book before it became famous.

As to the other prize winning author... here is a picture of him making an impromtu stop in Abingdon VA, exactly a year ago.

Market Place Today

It is good to see that Dave Padstow, from Oday Hill, has a new regular Saturday pitch with his children's carousel, or roundabout, on the Market Place.

Somebody did comment recently 'I wonder if there are any plans to ever fix the clock on St. Nic's church?'.

Two of the clocks need a new mechanism. It does not come cheap. But a few days ago the town council gave the O.K!

Today saw the first museum roof opening of the year. They continue until September.

Down below, the Abingdon Astronomical Society were inviting people to SEE THE MOON with them tonight at Sunningwell. It is part of 2009 - The Year of Astronomy.

The moon, over the County Hall, was visible before they left.

Friday, 3 April 2009

The end of the run. ...

The festival is drawing to a close. On Board One above, at the library, are just some of the shows that have happened over the last two weeks of the 2009 Abingdon Arts Festival. On Board Two is the biggest production of them ALL ... Oklahoma - staged by the Abingdon Operatic Society.

I was there tonight, on the Balcony at the Amey Theatre, near a lady critic scribbling comments on a pad. Finally she wrote and underlined "A GOOD PRODUCTION!"

"Competitors may collect their prints from Cafe Zeko on Saturday 4th April when they take the exhibition down, at 4.30 pm."

Winning entries from the Abingdon Camera Club competition can be seen until tomorrow, the last day of the Abingdon Arts Festival.

Also the April edition of Community Times Abingdon will be the last publication for the foreseeable future. Linda and Martin are busy people and can no longer "dedicate the time and commitment to maintaining the quality and integrity of the magazine."

Thursday, 2 April 2009

Round-Up on my return

The new play, Lies on Their Lips, based on the The Abingdon Turnpike Murder, is having its first sellout run at the Unicorn Theatre.

The arch has finally gone from St Helen's Mill Bridge.

Down the hole next to the County Hall Museum (now filled in again) I did hear that the archaeologists found a Roman Road. Not an April Fool, although this still needs to wait for the archaeological report.

On April 1st 2008 I told of Roman Baths under Twickenham House. On April 1st 2006 of a Bun throwing threat. This year Martin Gulliver had an April 1st Post showing giraffes at Chistchurch meadow in Oxford. And yesterday's post. Well... Some people who I met were surprised to see me in Abingdon.

Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Some pix at St Nix

We have been away for the last day because my wife had a rather important interview.

I must thank John for covering in my absense.

He sent me some pictures of the Exhibition at St Nicolas Church.

Its the Abingdon Artists Spring Exhibition... 100 paintings by 40 local artists.

Free Entry.

After the job interview we got some unexpected news at the airport which means we are staying Stateside for another day or so.

My wife has landed a rather prestigious position. Near the top.

Nothing is fully decided yet.

But if we do both decide to up sticks... There will be a blog of events and places in our new home town ...

on 'This Washington'

Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Jazz at the RBL

Freetime Jazz at the Royal British Legion was another on a long list of events in the Abingdon Arts Festival.

The Hall has been completely done out since the last time this Blog featured Jazz in there.

Left to Right: Swetja (fujara - a shephers's flute from Slovakia), Petr Zimak (drums), Jozef Laska (guitar) all from Prague, George Haslam (baritone sax) from Abingdon, and Stefano Pastor (violin) from Genoa.

As well as playing the RBL and the Stocks (this Friday) in Abingdon, they'll be recording a session for a BBC Radio 3 Jazz Program.

Monday, 30 March 2009

Cartoon Workshop

Scooter McKenzie did a very popular cartoon workshop at the museum over the weekend. For more of his work see his blog.

Sunday, 29 March 2009

The execution

Last time the bridge was mentioned it was being surrounded by a scaffold.

Since then it has been covered with sheets so that the execution is not in full view of the public.

The weekend has come, and the little bridge is enjoying a short reprieve.

But for the sides of the bridge it is already too late.