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Sunday, 20 December 2009

Thankyou Father Chrsitmas

Can I thank Father Christmas for taking a couple of hours from his busy schedule to visit Abingdon yet again. He was telling me that his father before him was also a Father Christmas and as he got older and older and less able to perform the many duties, he the son gradually took over, and now does it all.

He is seen here with Jame White, the independent chair of the Abingdon Partnership. The Abingdon Partnership was launched last month with two sessions at the Guildhall attended by local business people and representatives of Community Groups. The Partnership is looking to get more joined-up thinking into tackling Abingdon' problems. So we wish him well for the New Year.

The Town Crier also came round with his bell to announce The Mayor's Carol Service at 4:30 in St Helen's Church today (Sunday 20th).


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