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Monday, 21 December 2009

Radley Wetland Centre

One year on from the announcement that Thrupp Lake is saved, the Northmoor Trust, who have been put in charge, have begun to consult on the future of the lake and the adjoining house called Sandles. The black tyre round the edge has all gone and been replaced by a woodern fence.

At one end, the end nearest to Abingdon, tree planting has begun.

Earlier this month there were consultation sessions at the White Horse Leisure Centre, and there is still an online questionaire can be filled in. The Northmoor Trust are asking whether people are looking for improved access and viewing areas and whether Sandles should become ' an educational resource with outdoor learning space? ' The Trust will also be concerned to protect this as a wildlife habitat.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I know these people - as they live at No 2 Saxton Road opposite my daughter.

I arrive from Australia on 28 December - and noticed in your other photos of Saxton Rd all the Christmas lights - so looks like it will be a cold welcome to the UK.

Cheers Ellen Fleming

24 December 2009 22:57  

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