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Monday, 14 December 2009

Carols From The Dock

This afternoon at the old magistrate court, beneath the Guildhall, there was a concert by a group of Saxophonists for friends and family - conducted by George Haslam who teaches them. First half was just saxophones, and the second half was carols with the audience singing...

More carols from unusual places still to happen this week include Thursday Evening at COFFEE Aroma, 15 the High Street 6:30 PM and includes Mince Pies (see comments).


Blogger David said...

the coffee and carols at Coffee Aroma is at 6:30pm and includes a free coffee and cake or mince pie.

14 December 2009 08:23  
Blogger David said...

oh, and it's COFFEE Aroma, 15 the High Street, not cafe aroma.

14 December 2009 08:37  
Blogger David said...

:-) thanks for the plug, and the corrections!

14 December 2009 12:24  
Blogger Peter said...

COFFEE Aroma is the best!
Why not hot mince pies all year round?

14 December 2009 14:04  
Blogger David said...

Look forward to seeing you on Thursday then, Peter - you can get your mince pie for nothing!

15 December 2009 16:23  
Anonymous This Charming Man said...

Coffee Aroma must have improved since I last visited then (4 years ago). It just wasn't my cup of tea.

15 December 2009 19:22  
Blogger David said...

improved? unless you have tried their mocha coffee you have not lived.

19 December 2009 20:39  

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