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Thursday, 31 December 2009

The Mill Stream

The Vale of the White Horse is the valley of the Ock, a stream which joins the Thames from the west at Abingdon. The pictures were taken today. Four rivers including the Ock were put on flood watch yesterday but no problems yet ...

Here is the first stanza of a poem written in 1951 by Phyllis Dawson Clark celebrating the Ock, and called: The Mill Stream

Down from the chalky range of Berkshire hills
Stamped with the cave-man's god, a lean white horse;
Through rustling cornfields, by a dozen mills
Whose wheels are long since rusty, and across
A thistle wast where winter storms have laid
To rest the hollow trunks, where brittle rot
Harbours the comfrey seedlings that have strayed;
Where centuries of blue forget-me-not
Have sighed away their days unseen, alone,
And sprays of blushing dog-rose bend to kiss
Their own reflection in a pool that's known
A thousand summers just as sweet as this, --
By the wild rhubarb leaves and giant dock,
Under the willow arches flows the winding Ock.


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