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Monday, 28 December 2009

Flood Survey - River Ock

Members of the Ock Valley Flood Group have been taking round these Residents Flood Surveys over recent weeks. They went to people near the Ock who were flooded and also near misses - people who moved all their furniture upstairs in July 2007 etc. , and who are still having worries about insurance.

Anyway if you want to see your risk of flooding for insurance purposes go to the EA flood map and search Abingdon.

It looks something like the picture above.

Last year this blog covered the demolition of the St Helens Mill Bridge on the Ock. Other actions included mending these collapsed banks of the Ock near the Ladygrove Estate. But the Flood Group will be looking to take other measures and apply for some of the available grants.

(If you have not had a flood survey and would like one it is probably best to contact Richard Webber, the chairman. His e-mail is:
The group will arrange a public meeting in the near future. So if you want to be kept informed I will do my best on this blog but you could ask Richard to add you to the mailing list.)


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