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Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Cemetery Changes 2009

As you may know there are two cemeteries, both near Spring Road. There is the old cemetery with the two chapels.

During 2009 it had the walls recapped and pointed as they were in need of some TLC.

And there is the new cemetery round which the gates and railings have had some TLC in 2009. The railings look quite sharp now with the gold tops.

Also new bins are being installed to allow separation of compostable from other waste.

And within the new cemetery a new garden of remembrance for cremations is in the process of being created. The old one is almost full.

The cemetery itself has - maybe - another 12-15 years, depending on various factors, before it starts getting full.


Anonymous This Charming Man said...

I've heard this area is the dead centre of Abingdon.

7 December 2009 21:26  
Blogger David said...

When I die I wonder whether I will be slotted into "composting material" or "all other waste"

8 December 2009 11:04  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

As a twice yearly visitor from Yorkshire to the cemetary, I must say how well maintained and appearance of the old and new cemetaries look now,so much improved in the last few years.Also the helpful and knowledgable crew of youngmen who work there.Abingdon should be proud.

8 December 2009 17:55  

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