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Sunday, 6 December 2009

Catchup on the Fair and Extravaganza

More pictures from the last two events which I did not have room for earlier...

A short circular Video of the Abingdon Concert Band on the Market Place yesterday morning during the local craft fair.

The Mayor, Councillor Patricia Hobby, drawing the raffle prizes. There were 12 prizes in all, each donated by one of the craft stalls, for the Mayors Charities. You will hear by telephone if you have won.

Extravagana Evening... The Natural Health Centre off St Edmunds Lane had put up their stall in front of Lansbrough Estates.

Another near neighbour of mine, just up West St Helen Street, are The Honey Pot...

My daughter, at Thorntons, got me one of those chocolate Advent Calendars and I am already up to day 17 after a binge lastnight, so Christmas will come early this year.


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