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Sunday, 27 December 2009

Bargain Booze

The Londis sign has changes yet again and now 'Bargain Booze' has been added on one side. Bargain Booze was one shop open on Christmas Day. Gone are the days when if you failed to buy batteries or whatever on Christmas Eve you had to wait.


Blogger David said...

"Bargain Booze?" Classy!

27 December 2009 19:45  
Anonymous alan lovedog said...

what a sleazy name for a shop - talk about bringing down the tone of the neighbourhood.

27 December 2009 22:13  
Blogger Andrew said...

This is shabby. There used to be another "Bargain Booze" at the Vineyard off-licence but it didn't last long before (I assume) complaints resulted in a change of name. Hopefully this one won't last long either.

We should start a facebook petition (!)

28 December 2009 20:51  
Blogger David said...

perhaps there could be another of Backstreeters caption competition:

West End Newsagents could change its name to "Ciggies R us"

The Honeypot Florist could become "Flahrs 4 er indoors"

Strattons Night Club could rebrand as "Leave orf, Kevin, ee ain't worf it"


29 December 2009 09:38  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I find it very sad that I moved into Abingdon over 3 years ago and was greeted by a huge National Front logo which had been sprayed onto the wall close to the bus stops on Stratton Way. Although faded it is still there and visible to me as I walk past every day with my mixed race sons on my way to work.

I agree Bargain Booze is certainly not a classy name, but believe me it is not as offensive to look at as a huge piece of racist graffiti which sadly does not seem to have generated the same amount of disgust or passion to do something about getting it removed.

29 December 2009 19:52  
Anonymous John said...

I saw this sign on a football ground on Match of the Day, so it's obviously big business and a sign of what we're up against in this town and nation. Anyway try writing to Councillors and press and maybe the petition...

29 December 2009 21:49  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Have you guys heard yourselves??? If you did a bit of research you would see that this company has hundreds of stores across the country and growing strong.

If you dont have a problem with buying a bottle of wine for double the price at your nearest convenience store just because you dont like the name then carry on....

8 March 2010 15:00  

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