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Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Terry Wogan Book Signing In Abingdon

Terry Wogan was in Abingdon signing copies of his Book 'Where Was I?!'

I heard him say on BBC 2 National Radio in response to a listener's comment "look forward to seeing you as well at Abingdon because I will be at the Abingdon Book Store at around 12:30 this afternoon and remember"... chuckling wogan fashion..." it is the rare unsigned ones that raise all the money but anyway I'm looking forward to seeing all my friends there.""

So many thanks to Malvin Drakley, one of the friendly faces who help to serve at the Country Market, for sending me a couple of pictures of Sir Terry Wogan in The Book Store in Abingdon.

The crowds were big. They rivalled those of a Harry Potter launch.

(Next door to The Book Store you can see the sign where W H Smith are about to open up their new shop.)


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