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Monday, 16 November 2009

Thresher & The Local

Thresher, at Peachcroft,

and The Local, on Ock Street, are part of the much larger First Quench Group - a private equity firm, that has gone into administration.

The administrator, KPMG, has already announced the closure of 373 loss-making shops and the two Abingdon Shops were not in that announcement, although notices have appeared saying that due to being in administration some services like Paypoint have been suspended.

Newspaper reports say there is interest in buying the rest of the group.


Blogger danny said...

the loss of a paypoint here is tragic.after Martins close at 6ish (the local news agents in peachcroft and appleford drive) there is no where else to get electric or gas appart from the news agent in the village of drayton. luckly i knew about this last week on a sunday eve at 6pm when my electric started to bleep.

is there any where else in abingdon to get this service after 6pm?

16 November 2009 07:17  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


16 November 2009 21:48  
Anonymous Hester said...

I googled Paypoint and found a "locator" site at

That shows several places open later - One-Stop Shop on Wootton Road, Somerfields - and others.

NB I haven't checked the accuracy of the information.

18 November 2009 10:16  
Blogger danny said...

thx Hester, i will check out these.

18 November 2009 12:38  
Blogger Backstreeter said...

looks like these two may now close according a report on Sunday. hope i got it wrong

23 November 2009 20:18  

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