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Saturday, 7 November 2009


There is a new exhibition on at Abingdon School.The opening was this evening. It tells the story of the part played by former pupils of Abingdon School during WW II - they appear to have taken part in most of the important conflicts. It also tells how the school was affected by the war.

There was also a very interesting lecture on the development of war graves and monuments since WW I. The chap who started it all was very disappointed to see the state of the Boer War cemeteries, and dedicated his life to making sure those who died in WW I were given a fitting memorial, even though a high percentage remain unknown. He persuaded the best architects to design monuments, and ensured no distinction was made to rank within war cemeteries.

Mark from Mostly Book was there selling the book written to tell the story of the War Grave Commission.


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guilder rose berries?? I think so.

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