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Monday, 30 November 2009

Upping The Pavements

This is how far the project to lay new pavements and tidy up the streets had got to last week - just outside Ask.

This week it has gone a little further and reached Smarts. So the new pavements have moved from Ock Street, gone round The Square, and are about to move up along the High Street.

However traders up Bath Street - straight ahead on this picture - are asking why not us, since Bath Street is not part of the current project to upgrade the pavements.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Its yet another kick in the teeth for struggling businessess... A JOKE!

30 November 2009 12:06  
Anonymous Liberal Neil said...

So how is improving the pavements a 'kick in the teeth for struggling businesses' exactly?

30 November 2009 17:00  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


1 December 2009 08:55  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Come on Neil
Imagine a town of nice pavements and roads then you see a street with potholes and mismatched paving... Its a perception thing, a nice uniformed town where everything is in keeping gives a better impression of the town as a whole... One street of shops thats excluded from this gives an impression of being a 'back alley street'

1 December 2009 10:35  
Anonymous Liberal Neil said...

Sorry - I took the first comment to be a criticism of the repaving scheme, rather than of the exclusion of Bath Street.

I understand that the Town and Vale Councils did ask for Bath Street to be included. There is still a pot of money which the County Council says has been set aside for Abingdon schemes which could have paid for this.

2 December 2009 13:53  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well im sure that this pot will now be spent making those miniture models of how the new town will look with their proposed new supermarket, upstairs parking and YET another hotel!!!
I think the pot-holders truly embrace the 'tight as a ducks arse' motto! We are next to the Thames after all!

2 December 2009 15:35  

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