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Saturday, 21 November 2009

Mayor's Charity Quiz Night

Paul Mayhew Archer was the quiz master giving out the chocolates. During the quiz Paul higlighted one round where all questions were about Mayors including.... Dick Whittington - four times Lord Mayor of London - married into which Wantage Family?

It was a packed Guildhall. You just could not have fitted another quiz team in.

And it was the final time that this lady will be organising the catering at the Guildhall, She has been there for many years.

Dick Whittington - four times Lord Mayor of London - married into the Fitzwarren family. The winning quiz team this year came from Bicester. So one final question for them or anybody else...

Who wrote this Limerick?

There was an old soldier of Bicester,
Was walking one day with his sister,
A bull, with one poke,
Toss'd her into an oak,
Before the old gentleman miss'd her.


Blogger David said...

If you can get in (we missed out on tickets in 2008 due to demand) this is a great night out, and a good charity fundraiser too.

Paul Mayhew Archer made the event a lot of fun this year.

The only bad point was the notorious PA system in the hall. At the museum meeting on Thursday it was inaudible, at the quiz on Friday we discovered that you cannot play tracks on a CD and speak through a microphone at the same time.

I would recommend the council repair their system with a sledgehammer and get something fit for purpose. Most of the meetings I have been to in that hall have been marred by poor sound.

22 November 2009 07:38  
Anonymous John said...

At ADFAS meetings it's an embarrasment, too!

22 November 2009 20:37  

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