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Thursday, 26 November 2009

Army Home Coming Parade

Thanks to David Rayner from Abingdon Walks for this picture and the next.
See more of his pictures and the big versions on his site .

The crowd included family members with this a 'Daddy You're My Hero' banner.

Brigadier Chris Murray, the commander in chief of the Army Logistics Corps, gave an excellent speech welcoming the troops back from Afghanistan and thanking the people of Abingdon. Currently, he said, the troops are being shown more public support than at any time he could remember.

The Mayor and other dignatories presented medals.

Lt. Col. Nigel Allison then asked the Mayor whether they army could exercise the Freedom of the Town.

They were led by the band...

and marched in close formation with bayonets fixed.

At the BBC Oxford Stall, they were asking people to record a Christmas message for the troops still out there, and this one time soldier was very pleased to oblige. Thanks to Steve for most of the pictures.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a shame that no one could hear what was being said during the speeches - was that the best sound system anyone could find?

25 November 2009 17:26  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

it was amazing I heard all about it from my classmates there were about 150 soldiers there

25 November 2009 17:40  
Anonymous Hester said...

Come on Alastair, don't be shy - put up David's picture of you in the hat...

25 November 2009 20:28  
Blogger Backstreeter said...


26 November 2009 07:57  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

As an Army wife from Dalton Barracks 3 Regt I was so very proud to have our Lads home safley and see how Abingdon welcomed them back with the respect they deserve.It was very teary all the way through from the moment they marched into the square and when they marched off.Well done to you soldiers and Well done Abingdon!!!!

26 November 2009 10:11  
Anonymous This Charming Man said...

Well done to every one of our troops. Great mark of respect, Abingdon!

On a separate issue, let's hope the Iraq Enquiry uncovers facts that will prevent any further needless deaths courtesy of politicians, especially when Tony Blair is present at the inquiry in the new year. What was it he said about WMD?

26 November 2009 12:31  

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