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Friday, 27 November 2009

Changes Round Somerfield

Looks like work is underway to remove the puddle in front of Somerfield.

This is how it once looked - in it's heydey - if you had forgotten.

Also I went into Somerfield and see that there are a lot more Co-op branded products in store. The Somerfield website says "Now Somerfield is part of The Co-operative family, exciting times lie ahead in your local store with the arrival of new Co-operative branded products."

There were still groceries from the Somerfield Simply Value Range in store. As you can see I got as many as I could just in case.


Anonymous John said...

Hooray!! And around the corner w end of the library?

26 November 2009 19:39  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

That puddle has been part of Abingdon for as long as I can remember! Good to see they're finally doing something about it.

27 November 2009 07:00  
Blogger Annabel Gaskell said...

And you can now use your Co-op card in Somerfield.

27 November 2009 07:56  
Blogger zzapper said...

I'll miss that puddle!

27 November 2009 09:13  
Anonymous alan lovedog said...

that puddle is part of the fabric of abingdon! - how dare they steal our holy puddle, worshipped for the last 357 years

29 November 2009 18:14  

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