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Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Disability Access Awards

Just before the launch of the Abingdon Partnership, there was an awards ceremony for businesses in Abingdon Town Centre that had done well in a recent Disability Access assessment. High Street and Stert Street were the first shopping areas to be assessed.

I could not picture all the recipients but here are a few...

The 90p shop.

Helen and Douglas House and Mostly Books.

Prices the stationer.

After that pre-event came the Launch of the Abingdon Partnership to which a lot of local businessmen were expected.

On the display board is one of the ideas the partnership have already been looking at: the improvement of the Stratton Road end of Bath Street. Unfortunately I could not stay for that event as I had a School Governor meeting to attend - so look forward to reports of how it went.


Blogger David said...

Congratulations to all those businesses who gained awards. I do wonder, however, why all the focus is always on High Street and Stert Street?

Why not begin with Ock Street or Bath Street for a change?

1 December 2009 12:19  
Blogger Mark Thornton said...

This was explained on the evening. Apparently the mystery shopping team themselves were made up of volunteers and they couldn't visit all the shop in town. Therefore they had to focus on a smaller group of shops, which is obviously unfair on the others.

What VDAG will do (and I'm remembering from the introduction on the night) is that if you would like your premises 'mystery shopped' you can contact the and they will arrange a visit.

I think the plan is to do this on a regular basis, and do other streets in the town, presumably in a year or so - but don't quote me on that because I'm not privy to their budgets of plans!

2 December 2009 09:59  
Blogger Mark Thornton said...

That should be "budgets or plans" of course...

2 December 2009 09:59  
Blogger David said...

mmm. that was not quite my point, Mark. Obviously they had to start somewhere, but my point was that the "somewhere" always seems to be Stert Street or High Street. Why not start in another area of town, and give them the focus for once?

Also, if the plan is to visit other areas in their turn, why not hold off the award giving until everyone had had a chance to participate?

As it stands, from your post it seems that areas apart from Stert street and High street may have to wait for a year before their efforts for disabled access will be recognised.

2 December 2009 16:09  
Blogger David said...

Meh, on reflection I am coming across like a sourpuss, which is not my intent. It is good that people are giving up their free time to highlight the issue of disabled access, and to reward success in this area. More power to their elbow.

2 December 2009 16:10  

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