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Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Changes at Barton Fields

Longmead Lake has now been sold - I believe to a private concern. It is very close to, and overlooked by, the Sophos Offices on Abingdon Science Park. ( I don't know whether Sophos or somebody else bought it.)

This tree will soon need to be felled. It is near the top of the permissive footpath that crosses direct from Barton Lane to the River Thames.

And there are notices saying that the Abingdon Naturalist Society Green Team and other volunteers are creating a 2 acre wild flower meadow using native species.


Anonymous Graham Cluley, Sophos said...

I don't believe that Sophos has bought the land.

3 November 2009 09:02  
Anonymous This Charming Man said...

Naturists have bought the land? Fantastic! I'm getting a pair of binoculars for Christmas and they should be able to fit a volleyball court... oh, hang about, naturalists.


3 November 2009 12:34  

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