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Friday, 30 October 2009

Can You Retire at 60?

I saw this poster in the window of the Coventry Building Society in Abingdon. 50 is behind me already, 60 is some way ahead but I do not realistically expect to be retiring until at least age 65 - maybe even 70.


Blogger danny said...

wish i could tommorow, i got another 20 yrs yet :(

29 October 2009 22:44  
Blogger Martin G said...

I suppose now is not the time to confess that I retired at 47? Thought not...

30 October 2009 08:19  
Anonymous This Charming Man said...

Retirement - overrated, unless there's a purpose in life. Daytime tv, days dragging by, trundling around Abingdon or Oxford during the day? Forget it! I'd rather have the camaraderie of my colleagues, and the satisfaction of my work.

I hope to work in some form or another til I drop.

30 October 2009 15:02  
Anonymous Hester said...

Depends what one means by retirement - if finances permit, "retiring" from a longstanding job can open up all sorts of new opportunities - paid or unpaid work, getting involved in the community - just generally having more choice about how to spend your time. It doesn't have to be all about knitting, grandchildren or golf! (Personally I avoid using the "R" word because of those connotations.)

30 October 2009 16:38  
Anonymous Spike said...

Retired from fulltime at 55 then 5 yrs of part time. 'To-do' list still gets bigger and now would like an 8-day week to cover all the personal and Volunteering work out there. Can't imagine not being busy.
If you have to leave the house just to avoid getting in the way of the hoover - that's sad !

I would love to think that I can 'work till I drop' but after doing voluntary work with disabled, I recognise that that end would be a fortunate blessing.

30 October 2009 17:33  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

My sister retired 12 years ago at age 50, and she's never been at a loss of stuff to do. I'm 55 and looking forward to going at 60, even though I don't get State Pension 'til nearly 64. Can't wait. I'm knackered after 36 years of full-time work, and only 1 year off to have a child. No way could I work to 65-70, like the younger generation will have to. I'd sooner be poverty-stricken and I probably will be.

12 November 2009 11:32  

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