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Saturday, 10 October 2009

Signs of Fall

Thanks to David for the sudden flurry of comments on this and the Harry Dog Blog. This is Beth Fleming, David's wife.

Beth is currently Vice Chairman of the Vale of White Horse District Council. She has crutches because she broke her leg (David says in comment badly sprained with chipped bone) at the fair earlier in the week. It was not on any of the really fast rides. Not even on the Galloping Horses. No she tripped on a hole in the road. There is a bit more to it involving looking after her children etc etc but I'll keep it simple...

Get Well Soon!


Blogger David said...

Not wishing to be the unsympathetic husband, but "broke her leg" is a bit OTT.

She has badly sprained her ankle and chipped/cracked the bone.

I keep saying she should complain to her councillor....

10 October 2009 05:52  
Blogger Backstreeter said...

I've adjusted it somewhat ... yes complain ...

10 October 2009 07:52  
Anonymous the king of potatoes said...

she should sue the council for falling on a hole in the road... !
but really - hope she's well soon

10 October 2009 11:52  
Blogger David said...

Well, I am generally happy to blame the council for everything, but I am pretty sure that the piece of ground she fell off was private land, not council responsibility.

Thanks for the good wishes.

10 October 2009 18:36  
Blogger Pat said...

Get well soon, Beth

11 October 2009 08:30  
Blogger Tipsy said...

Ah another fall on a 'holey' road. I too fell in a hole in the road on the High St 6 weeks ago, suffered whiplash to my neck, injured back, knees and elbows. Still have knee problems. Thanks goodness the High St is about to be re-surfaced.

11 October 2009 12:57  

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