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Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Runaway Fair

Here is a view from the 35 bus on the one evening in the year when it goes up West St Helen Street - the evening of the Runaway Fair.

This Runaway Fair is mostly for the young ones - and takes place one week after the Michalemas Fair. By the time I get home it is looking quiet. I doubt they ever make that much money - it is more a tradition.

This is the next 35 Bus negotiating the corner at the top of West Saint Helen Street on the evening of the Runaway fair - with a cyclist coming the other way as an extra obstacle.


Anonymous This Charming Man said...

Sorry about that. The chippy was opening and I was worried that cyclist would be first in the queue. I reverse-drove the bus through the town, and managed to get a fish supper without too much of a wait. Apologies to the rush hour traffic, but I hate having chips not straight from the fryer...

13 October 2009 12:54  
Blogger David said...

that could not possibly be a cyclist going the wrong way up the High Street, could it?

I have noticed more and more cyclists in Abingdon recently ignoring one way or no turn restrictions, cutting corners, cycling side by side or on the wrong side of the road, and jumping red lights.

it's tough enough keeping an eye out for the many cyclists doing the right thing, without having to think about the ones playing silly idiots too.


13 October 2009 17:37  
Anonymous The Daddy said...

The Runaway fair seems to be a waste of time these days. Is it really ncessary to keep it going for tradition's sake? I'm all for the Michaelmas Fair, but this seems surplus to local peoples requirements.

14 October 2009 23:34  

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