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Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Poppy Appeal

Poppies were delivered to the shops last Saturday.

Last year Abingdon raised an outstanding amount of £20,793.20 for the Poppy Appeal - a 63.32% increase on the year before giving us a trophy from the Berkshire Country Royal British Legion Manager.

(Abingdon Legion still comes under the Berkshire County Organisation in the British Legion World!! As it does in the Geneology and quite a few other Worlds).

Mary Cadogan, our co-ordinator would like to thank all the people of Abingdon for supporting the Poppy Appeal and without them we could not have raised such an amazing amount of money.

The Poppy Appeal is in many peoples thoughts with the present conflict in Afghanistan and we are raising money to help the solders and their families both young and old.

The poppies in Abingdon will be on sale for the next three weeks prior to Remembrance Sunday which is on 08 November 2009.

There will be also be street collectors in the town centre and outside Tescos, Waitrose and Fairacres Retail Park, and door to door sellers around Abingdon from 24 October 2009.

If anyone would be interested in becoming a poppy person this year helping sell poppies they can contact Mary Cadogan at the Royal British Legion, Spring Road, Abingdon tel: 07867 658159.


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