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Friday, 16 October 2009

A few things that got missed

The Alpha Courses run by the Church in Abingdon have got underway. I caught this banner outside St Nics just after the wind had torn it down. There were more Alpha banners than ever this year and an Alpha advert in the Abingdon Herald.

An Australian comedian performing in the new Didc0t cultural centre was complaining that The Didc0t Herald - That is The Abingdon Herald's Didc0t edition - lol! -- had too much Abingdon News.

Fat Face did have these signs with Dangerously Low Prices.

And over a week ago a new shop opened. This picture was taken during the transition when Walking had become ..lking.

It is where Abingdon Outdoor Traders used to be at the top of East St Helen Street - before they moved to the High Street.

The Abingdon Bowling Centre used to be in Coxeters, then it moved to Ock Street, and now it has come to the centre of Abingdon. It may sound a very specialist shop but people do come from far and wide - possibly even from Didc0t - to get their woods and their shoes and their trolleys.

And a week or so ago a brilliant vilonist called Tod0r Nikolaev performed at St Michael's Church and I was sent this picture of him.


Blogger David said...

Maybe it is just that more is happening in Abingdon than in Didcot to report?

16 October 2009 11:11  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

he has a viibrating bow!! :)

16 October 2009 18:52  

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