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Saturday, 24 October 2009

Dunmore By-Election

Julia Bricknell and Dr Evan Harris are seen here on the River Stert with a team of local volunteers.

Julia was elected yesterday, as possibly the youngest ever Abingdon Councillor (at age 21) - by residents of Dunmore Ward in a By-election. Dr Evan Harris MP will face the voters of Abingdon and Oxford West next May in the national election.

Here, in Julia's Ward, is a typical street scene - looking across the Dunmore Road peripheral road, where the Breakaway Club van is parked, towards DearLove Close. I am ashamed to say having done this blog for nearly four years that I didn't even know there was a DearLove Close until a week ago.

I looked it up in John McGowan's book 'The Origins of the Street Names of Abingdon' and it says 'The name DearLove Close was probably given by the developer in 1964. No other information is available.' I was hoping it would have a good story. Something like... It comes from the Anglo-Saxon Deorlaf = Dear or Precious Relic. During excavation to make this Close a gold Saxon Love token was found.


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