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Thursday, 15 October 2009

Blog Action Day 2009 - Climate Change

Colin could drive the mile or so from his house at the top of the Oxford Road to the town centre. But he chooses to go by bike - he is not only helping to save the planet but he also gets Free Parking.

My message for Blog Action Day, the third I've done is... Get on Your Bike like Colin! But do it safely!

Many children in Abingdon live within walking or cycling distance of schools. Many do cycle.

But in the last year there have been two fatalities among children cycling to or from school. Parents, whose children go along the Dunmore Road cycle path and cross the Wootton Road, do worry for the safety of their children. The first action must be to make sure children get properly trained in road safety, and are aware of what dangers are about.

The next action is to ask the County Council to make cycling routes safer. The County have many priorities and cycling safety in Abingdon may or may not be near the top. It will cost money. A report put out by the schools on Monday - and compiled for them by this same Colin - suggests about £500,000 is needed. The investment will not only improve Safety but also act against Climate Change.


Anonymous Spike said...

A good starting point would be to get get cyclists of all ages to read and comply with the Highway Code, master the basic laws of Physics (sudden deceleration hurts)and take responsibility for their own actions. Otherwise (although any loss of life is tragic), Darwinian selection occurs !

14 October 2009 22:31  
Anonymous The Daddy said...

Do kids still do the cycling proficiency course that I did all those years ago? That would be a start. The infrastructure (cycle lanes) MUST be in place if you are going to convince people to get on their bikes. The stretch of Drayton Road from Caldecott Rd to Ock Street is usually busy, but an appalling route for cyclists.

14 October 2009 23:30  
Blogger danny said...

at rush common school, all children by yr 6 are taught cycling prof'. so yep, its still going on.
my wife works in town (9tp)and cycles to work come rain or shine. the buses are sometimes late, slow, smelly and the drivers have been known to pass the stop when they r late. so cycling saves us on a daily return bus ticket and my wife is getting fitter.
i walk to work as i live barely 30 ft from my work place.

15 October 2009 16:12  

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