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Monday, 19 October 2009

Abingdon Marathon 2009 - Last 22 Miles

... Near the half-way point runners returned to Abingdon along Preston Road . Number 1075 had a good lead by this point.

Harry has a picture of the leading lady at this point on his blog, and since I have already shown her near the Wharf and the Oxford Mail has a big feature on her, here is one of the second place lady as well, Number 1127.

The race was well marshalled with lots of volunteers. Well organised by Abingdon Amblers...
They were even trialing the latest electronic gadgetry. Each runner had a chip so their exact time was transmitted to a results boards as they crossed the line. The results are available at which has the winner, Number 1027, as 2:28:37. So I nearly got it right on this picture...

There were a lot of runners still to come in. This is the 25 mile point on the Wootton Road.

And here is a runner going down the underpass, next to the Abingdon Marathon Mural. (By the way that little old lady came 668th with a time of 04:47:35 - far from last.)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Really well organised event again. Was good to stand and clap the runners as they came out of Tilsley Park for the start. Shame about some people who didn't read their literature about not being able to park and then promptly screeched up the road obviously in a huff - perhaps the police should bring some speed cameras next year and raise a little money :-)

19 October 2009 16:41  
Anonymous john said...

but what a picture and pictures; brilliant

22 October 2009 22:25  

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