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Sunday, 4 October 2009

Abindon Street Fair 2009 - Set Up

These two were having a Lib Dem / Conservative debate as the fair got set up around them.

Town Council workmen were manning the barriers.

As always there were the kids on the bikes having a look round.

All run by Bob Wilson and his wife. Sorry I have not got a picture of the great couple.

But here at least is one of their stall holders, about to drive into the Baptist Church carpark now the service is over.

And here is Revd David Fleming, himself, Abingdon's second longest serving church Minister at 8 years. He has seen that same man with his lorry take the same pitch in front of the church for 8 years now, and it has always worked out well.

Finally Steve Rich, Town Council Technical Officer, and Nigel Warner, Town Clerk. This is a busy three days for them. They have a final inspection with Bob Wilson this evening.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

who's the longest serving minister?

4 October 2009 14:57  
Blogger David said...

Rev Tim Davies from Christ Church. For reference, I am the good looking one carrying a diary.

4 October 2009 20:00  
Anonymous This Charming Man said...

Good looking?! Please mark in your diary to check the thesaurus definition tomorrow, sharpish!

4 October 2009 21:49  
Anonymous Hester said...

The anarchic side of me just loves the fact that in 2009 the whole of our town centre closes down due to a hundreds of years-old charter. Suddenly we can drive the wrong way along one-way streets - and we have something different to complain about! When I first came to Abingdon the A34 went through Stert Street and Ock Street and there was no inner ring-road either so the fair really caused chaos then! The plus side was that some local employers (including mine) gave us an extra day off because of it. It's quirky things like this that make towns like Abingdon special - lets hope it lasts another few centuries!

4 October 2009 22:35  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

At the risk of sounding like a right Victor Meldrew (and I do love the fair!) I hope that next year someone from the council lets the people from the fair know what it is they tell the residents about access times.

I had a lovely mouthful of abuse this morning from one of the fair people (including a few four letter words - always nice when you've a wee toddler in the back) as he tried to block me in when I was on the way to work and tell me that road access closed from 6 a.m and therefore I shouldn't be on the road..when according to council, access is till 12 noon.

The plus side however, is I finally managed to get out and the two blokes you have a photo of manning the barrier were lovely and helpful.

4 October 2009 22:48  
Blogger Backstreeter said...

Noted. I will forward your comment.

4 October 2009 23:28  
Blogger David said...

"Good looking?! Please mark in your diary to check the thesaurus definition tomorrow, sharpish!"


5 October 2009 22:02  
Anonymous This Charming Man said...

Twas merely joking, David! You're a splendid looking chap.

6 October 2009 13:03  

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