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Sunday, 20 September 2009

Two Good Chocolate Shops

Abingdon has two good chocolate shops. I have featured Abingdon's own Sweet Chocolate and must do again sometime soon. There is also Thorntons who for the next two weeks have 25% off.

My daughter works there part time.


Blogger Fabulous Flowers said...

Thats not going to help diet

21 September 2009 09:40  
Anonymous alan lovedog said...

thorntons toffee is lovely - which is why i must never go there if i can help it.. my poor teeth and belly.

21 September 2009 16:42  
Anonymous This Charming Man said...

'Thats not going to help diet.'

Come off it. It's just the 2 ladies in the picture are really miniature. They're struggling to hold those chocolate bars, and they slide easily into my back pocket.

Mind you, I have an 80 inch waist.

24 September 2009 12:55  

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