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Tuesday, 29 September 2009

From The town crier

If you have read the town crier - the little green magazine from the Town Council - you will realise that from Mid October, Abingdon High Street Phase 2 AbITS work is to start. It involves re-laying footpaths and kerbs, road resurfacing, new uncontrolled crossing points...

removing unnecessary street furniture, two new bus shelters, and the introduction of a 20 MPH limit in the town centre. The recent coloured markings presumably may have something to do with the work.

P.S Apologies to anybody who subscribed to my twitter feed. I have not thought of anything to say yet but am working on it.


Blogger Mel said...

LOL hilarious. It's not like you can go any faster than 20mph through the town anyway the traffic is that bad!!!
They need speed limits down Spring Rd and Conduit Rd for Larkmead and Carswell school to stop these children getting killed!!

30 September 2009 20:15  
Anonymous Patricia said...

This is really good news about the new paving on the High Street. As a recent wheelchair user and now a slow stick walker, having broken my ankle badly 5 months ago, I have been appalled at the state of the pavements in the town generally. The High Street is definitely the worst culprit, with not one level surface and too many obstacles like scaffolding, bikes, sandwich boardsetc. The worst piece is the corner of St Helens street and High Street, outside the Thai Foodstore. New paving cannot come quick enough for us!
Trish Bloxham

2 October 2009 20:47  

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