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Sunday, 13 September 2009

Heritage Day 2009

The proceedings kicked off with dancing from the Abingdon Traditional Morris Men.

Carswell Old School was open along with 13 other buildings. At Carswell there was a mixture of new children's artwork and historic school photographs, computers and writing slates.

Down in the museum basement the old town water pump was on display.

Most of the museum staff were in costume, and two young Tudor ladies can be seen escourting our local Member of Parliament, Dr Evan Harris.

In the Abbey Grounds the Lost Abbey of Abingdon Project were doing underground scanning to find out better where the old Abbey walls lay.

Next to Beth Flemming, deputy chairman of the Vale District, is a monk from the lost Abbey. That's me by the way. I got lots of people saying things like 'That's a terrible habit you have got' or 'You will have to control your habit' and much much more. I smiled meekly - as one does.


Anonymous Hester said...

Heritage Day is becoming one of the best days in the year for Abingdon - there is a really good feel about the place and it's great to see so many people having a good time. From those of us who know that for the last 2 years (or maybe more?) you have organised it more or less single-handedly, a million thanks. I know you are hoping to spread the load of the organisation a bit next year, but I do hope you will remain responsible for the weather: you obviously have some useful contacts - maybe that monk's outfit is a clue!

Thanks also to those home-owners in East St Helens Street who open up their houses - for me they were the highlight of the day and I am sure others would join me in saying how much we appreciated you letting us nose around.

13 September 2009 22:19  
Blogger Backstreeter said...

Thanks Hester but none of it is my doing. It is everybody who opens their property and organises their own bit that really does the hard work. All I do is try to get the publicity out so people come and see what is going on. And there is still room for a lot of improvement. We need to be able to reach people better to tell them what is going on in their own town not just for Heritage. Today's fun in the park was amazing - I have never seen so many people there before. And that was down to Sandra Hill, our deputy Town Clerk.

13 September 2009 23:48  
Blogger TCCARL said...

Kate and I wish we could have stayed on longer in Abingdon-on-Thames for the Heritage Day, but our unalterable flight reservations were already set long before we knew of the Heritage Day. We are already suffering the pangs of homesickness for our favourite town--A.O.T.
Warmest regards to you and all the other Abingdonians we had the pleasure of meeting this past summer. Carl & Kate

14 September 2009 02:13  
Anonymous This Charming Man said...

You need to fill out a bit to make it as Friar Tuck. Get a few takeaways down you, and become a Chip Monk.

14 September 2009 13:13  
Blogger Backstreeter said...

Hahahaha Chip Monk!

Very nice to meet Carl and Kate. Do you do a blog from back in Florida. If so I'd like to add a link. Blogging is dead easy with blogger so you could start now.

14 September 2009 19:53  

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