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Monday, 14 September 2009

Fun in the Parks 2009 - kiddies

I'll start with the kiddies. I've got enough decent pictures to do two days on this event...

Scooter McKenzie - see local blogroll - was doing a Cartoon workshop for children.

The Carbon Cutters were pressing apple juice with the help of children from the audience.

At the Abingdon Town Twinning stall Stella had all the flags flying.

The Face Painting at the Vineyard Church stall was a bit too popular. Maybe they should start charging.

The army is starting them young at the fun day assault course.

And at the Abingdon Baptist Church Stall James pulls one brick too many from the giant jenga. We were all hoping it was going to be his opponent, and father, Richard Gibson - District Council Chair of Building Planning... So no big scoop this time. But in the next episode of this blog see what happened next to James...


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