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Monday, 10 August 2009

The Old Bell Inn


Anonymous Carl said...

Backstreeter; Today's entry is a photo of the place we know today as The King's Head & Bell, unless I am very much mistaken!
Hope you'll be back with us soon. Your autopilot is doing a fine job, but not nearly as good as you at it. Hurry back!
I have a couple of "wherezats" photos waiting for you.
Regards, Carl

10 August 2009 02:43  
Blogger Steven said...

I just checked the planning permission web site and the planning permission was approved a couple of weeks on 23rd July, so hopefully we will see work resuming soon.

For ref the planning reference number is 09/01013/FUL at

10 August 2009 08:17  
Anonymous Carl said...

My wife & I talked with the builder who is doing the renovation. He told us that the hope is to hae the place functional by November or December. The courtyard should be beautiful; it is very attractive even in its present unkempt state.

10 August 2009 10:43  

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