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Wednesday, 26 August 2009

New Bus Stop

A new bus stop has appeared near the new buildings (The Tanneries) on Drayton Road. Nothing wrong with that: except that the council has just built, nearby on the Marcham Road, a bus layby so that buses do not impede the traffic flow. As you can see this new bus stop has no layby.


Blogger Martin G said...

...and on a nice quiet road too...bless 'em!

26 August 2009 08:13  
Blogger Annabel Gaskell said...

How stupid can they be! We were promised that the additional traffic movements in and out of the Tanneries wouldn't significantly add to traffic, and then they do this which at peak times will hold things up hugely.

Is there a correspondingly badly placed stop on the other side of the road?

26 August 2009 08:24  
Anonymous Hester said...

..and why didn't they just provide for the layby in the original plans and set the buildings back a bit further? But of course that would require joined-up thinking AND planning ahead!

26 August 2009 15:04  
Blogger Martin G said...

There is a stop on the other side - but only for the X2 which is not a frequent bus. Is the new stop also just for the X2 I wonder?

26 August 2009 16:28  

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