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Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Mayor's Fishing Competition

The Mayor's Fishing Competition took place during Bank Holiday Monday Morning. This follows a junior competition on Saturday. During my walk past I saw mostly small fish landed.

I was told there were plenty of Roach about.
On the subject of fish I was sent a picture by Michal taken at the weir a couple of weeks ago.

He asked me what it was and what it had died of. So I am throwing that one to the experts out there.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

looks like a pike and it's probably dies of alcohol poisoning due to the amount chucked in the river by the local chavs!

1 September 2009 20:29  
Blogger Professor Balthazar said...

Could be anything. Sometimes they choke on a small fish called a Daddy Fuff that have a locking dorsal fin. They will also try and eat things much bigger than themselfs. Also some fishermen are not prepared for catching these and cannot get the hooks out

1 September 2009 20:43  

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