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Friday, 14 August 2009

Griff Returns A National Treasure

Griff Rhys Jones was last featured back in January 2006 on this blog.

He returned to Abingdon to give a talk about his book 'Rivers', then answered questions, and signed books.

Griff was introduced by Mark from Mostly Books as a 'National Treasure'.

Upstairs the Abingdon Scrabble Club were playing in the Bear Room. They meet every Thursday in the Guildhall ...

but normally are content to look for treble word scores in the Male Actors' Changing Room.

It works out quite a bit cheaper.

Griff needed those facilities and so the scrabble players moved to the Bear Room.


Blogger Annabel Gaskell said...

I've just posted my review of the evening! Glad you got a ticket ... He was great wasn't he.

13 August 2009 23:09  
Blogger Peter said...

Well done! Welcome back, we missed you.

14 August 2009 06:45  

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