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Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Copenhagan Drive - 4 weeks on

The road and the cycle path looking north.

The path down from Larkmead School with flowers in tribute after the cycle accident 4 weeks ago.

Heading South.


Blogger Professor Balthazar said...

It's taken this tragedy to slow "idiot" people down round this road. But they are starting to speed back up again. Needs a speed camera here (40mph) and humps on the road through the two schools (30mph) as when i go through every day at 30 the "i dont give a sh#t brigade" are right up my exhaust.

5 August 2009 21:17  
Anonymous Charming Man said...

Speed cameras along the A34 too. Dreadful road.

6 August 2009 13:19  

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