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Thursday, 6 August 2009


I have put the blog on autopilot for a few days - in order to take an enforced rest ... The doctor suggests I may be suffering from what he calls 'Bloggermania'. It is becoming a fairly common condition and he prescribes no blogging for a few days so I get a sense of perspective. But as I could not give it up completely, I have secretly pre posted a few old Abingdon postcards and things...


Anonymous Agnes, Abingdon said...

Take a well deserved rest. Love the blog and check in everyday as it's a great source of interest for everything going on in Abingdon.

Get well soon

6 August 2009 09:52  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Quite agree.

Its become part of my daily routine to check this blog.

6 August 2009 12:03  
Blogger Christine Walker said...

I know more about Abingdon than I do about my own town.

6 August 2009 16:05  
Anonymous Charming Man said...

Recharge your batteries, and come back soon with your blogging muse.

6 August 2009 19:34  
Blogger Peter said...

I trust you will be better soon so we'll get more of the life of Abingdon each day. I eagerly read your news from Minneapolis USA.

7 August 2009 06:58  
Blogger Michael said...

You do a wonderful 'job' documenting the daily life of Abingdon. Your fairmindedness, equanimity and lack of hidden agenda all go towards making this a must-read site for anyone who lives in and loves Abingdon. Your enthusiasms have perhaps contributed to your overload. Do take it a bit easier, and come back slowly.

12 August 2009 22:41  

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