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Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Abbey Shopping Centre Changes

Things have been stirring in The Abbey Shopping Centre in Abingdon. For one thing Abingdon is getting a toys-uk where Going Places used to be. This is a very welcome addition to the Abingdon shopping scene given the demise of Woolworths at the start of the year.

A few doors down, two shop fronts have been boarded up for what I presume are new shop fronts, maybe even a larger retail unit is being created as two are knocked into one. I'm speculating as I don't know. This is happening between Clarkes Shoes and the Book Store.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I heard that they are merging two units into one so it attracts some bigger companies. That toy store has one in Didcot too near where Subway is.

18 August 2009 21:42  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Something needs to happen with that vacant Woolies store. It makes a shopping centre already past its best look even grimmer. No offence to the businesses there, but it's not pleasant on the eye down towards Somerfield.

With Christmas less than 15 weeks away, surely some retailer has plans for it....

19 August 2009 13:23  
Blogger Fabulous Flowers said...

I heard that from the Girls in Gregs today that the boarded up unit is going to be a WH Smiths. Are we starting to see Green Shoots in Abingdon?

19 August 2009 16:08  
Blogger TCCARL said...

Let's give the folks at Scottish Widows credit for actually DOING something! At least one new tenant, cleaning up the vacant units, and they've even painted the protective plywood over the facade of the two-into-one modifications!!! Correct me if I'm wrong, but it's more than the Threadneedle bunch did in years in control of the old precinct!!

19 August 2009 17:03  
Anonymous Lor said...

My sister works for WH Smiths in Swindon Head Office and she told me that we are definately getting one. It opens end of November.

21 August 2009 13:32  
Anonymous This Charming Man said...

End of November? Just in time for my birthday! Start saving everyone, all currencies gratefully accepted...

21 August 2009 23:29  

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