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Thursday, 9 July 2009

The Tanneries - Phase 1

The new houses off the Drayt0n Road have been sold to S0HA (formerly the South Oxfordshire Housing Association.)

I checked the S0HA website, under shared ownership in Abingdon, to find...

The Tanneries, Drayton Road

5 three-bedroomed houses
13 four-bedroomed houses
14 two-bedroomed apartments

Available from July 2009...

That leaves about half to be available later in the year - still being worked on.

Good news for the Old Gaol development that Cranbourne Homes don't have a lot of unsold properties on their hands. The Old Gaol should be their next enterprise. But these are still difficult times.


Anonymous Hester said...

I also notice that Cranbourne have recently put in planning applications for the social housing at Harcourt Way which was part of the Old Gaol deal (and will presumably generate some cash for them to plough into the OG)and for some preliminary work on Turnagain Lane. So - some signs of action at last...

9 July 2009 10:02  
Blogger Ron Mount said...

Shame they look like a prison block from the road, and that they are a storey too high! Better sold than for sale, though, that's for sure.

9 July 2009 10:53  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I live in a cranbourne home, they are terrible quality!

14 July 2009 09:17  

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